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Hot Drinks VR

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Working Her Butt Off VR

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Heart Shaped Ass VR

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Santa's Wankzshop VR

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The 3 Horny Girls VR

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Insatiable Doctors VR

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Owner’s Daughter VR

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Virtual Reality SEX DOLL

A Real Doll user talks about his experiences with mechanical sex dolls. They are not cheap, but they seem to be suitable for relationships. Its just good when someone is there when you come home, says Daniel. The 48-year-old German, who wants to keep his surname anonymous, has had bad experiences with women in the past and ultimately lost confidence in them. He also finds it difficult to get to know each other, he says, and describes himself as shy and sensitive. Daniel finally looked for a replacement for a human partner - and found one. He has been living with a Real Doll for several years now. Real Dolls are life-size mechanical sex dolls manufactured by the American company Abyss Creations. In form, texture and appearance, they are modeled as closely as possible on the human body and since the 2007 film Lars und die Frauen, with Ryan Gosling in the leading role, have also been known to a wider public. For Daniel, who first discovered Real Dolls in a TV show in the 1990s, lifelike imitation was a small revelation. I was thrilled at how close these dolls come to a human woman. These inflatable rubber dolls and what one knew before was not comparable. For some stuff he was not willing to spend money, says Daniel. Sex is no fun at all with that kind of thing.

Real Dolls Are An Expensive Fun

In the future, the Real Dolls will also be equipped with artificial intelligence. This is already being worked on intensively, the sex robots should be as entertaining and credible as possible for their users, as Matt McMullen, inventor of the Real Dolls, regularly emphasizes in interviews. Dolls with simple chatbot functions already exist: they have an interactive feature built in. The doll can be interacted with via Bluetooth speakers in the head and an accompanying mobile app. In fact, simple conversations according to a given scheme are possible. Other manufacturers are also on the market with sex robots that master simple movements and interactions. Some of these realdolls should even be able to simulate sex with real people using VR technology. Daniel is enthusiastic about the sex dolls and also very satisfied with his life situation, as he emphasizes. That doesnt mean that he cant get to know a real woman for all time, but at the moment he is concentrating on the Real Dolls. He is also curious about technical developments, but fears that sex robots with artificial intelligence like Samantha will be unaffordable for him. Even the simple models that he now affords are no bargain. You have to invest at least 5,000 euros in a new doll. Im not poor, but Im not one of the super-rich either, Id be in the middle class, says Daniel, but I have to save up for a Real Doll. The first doll he bought was a used model for 2,000 Euros. That was years after he had seen the show about Real Dolls on television. I researched the Internet at some point, says Daniel. So he finally came across an erotic shop in Kassel that sold the sex dolls.

Smart VR robots are the future

This shop was run by the entrepreneur Mitja Klee, who is also responsible for the distribution of Real Dolls in German-speaking countries. The business with the lifelike sex dolls is still manageable, admits Klee. He estimates that around 1,000 Real Dolls are sold each year in Germany. At the same time, however, a steady growth can be observed. The market is definitely becoming wider, and the more the topic is brought into the public eye, says Klee. In Asia, such as China or Japan, such sex dolls are already somewhat more common. The Chinese Internet forum called Die Puppenfreunde alone has more than 20,000 users who exchange information about their lives with sex dolls there. The Chinese are currently literally flooding the market. Even with very cheap dolls, says Klee. Technological developments are an exciting topic for entrepreneurs. However, he is sceptical that a market-ready sex doll with corresponding functions will soon be on sale here. I have already asked about this a few times myself. In recent years I have seen certain products from other manufacturers at press conferences that have been announced, but I have always been rather disappointed about what they were really able to do and what was actually the performance behind it. The movements were still too static, Klee said, and on the whole what had already been presented to the public still seemed more like toys. But he is all the more excited about the smart robots that the real-doll manufacturer is currently working on. As far as his customers are concerned, this goes across all age and social classes, says Klee. There are 18-year-olds as well as 80-year-olds who buy a Real Doll. But we can already see a slight tendency for people with technical professions who are a little better educated and higher earners. And the customers are predominantly male. There are also a few women who buy a male sex doll, says Klee, but the ratio of women to men is about one to 20. Daniel attaches great importance to not damaging his Real Doll. I treat her like a real woman, I dont ride on her or use violence like some men. Hygiene is also important to him. When Daniel has sex with the Real Doll, he always uses a condom. But he doesnt have intercourse with the doll every day, its not about climbing it every day. But Daniel is probably interested in preserving his sexuality, and he prefers the Real Dolls to visiting a brothel. I dont feel like spending money on it. If every man uses a woman, I have inhibitions, says Daniel. So I decided on a Real Doll. And its just nice when she sits on my bed or chair dressed. I think its good if someone is there. Daniel also speaks to his Real Doll. I come home, say hello, then talk a few sentences to her. That might sound strange. But I just think its nice that youre not so alone when youre living in a phase where you dont want to talk to a woman. When describing his current doll, he gets enthusiastic again and again. When you see how well its done, with real blood vessels and wrinkles in the skin. The fingertips and so on. To keep the Real Doll as good as possible, Daniel hangs it on his wall at home. He wants to prevent anything from deforming on the doll. Especially with the earlier models it was like that, if they sat somewhere for a long time, then for example the bottom was not round any more and got wrinkles. Thats why he pays meticulous attention to the care of his Real Doll. Daniel orders human hair wigs in China to ensure that the dolls hairstyle is also right. They arent even that expensive. And if you put on the doll in the right dress sizes, then thats a dream come true. Daniel believes that everyone deals with his doll differently and has a different degree of sensitivity. He is not someone who walks the doll like a real girlfriend or drives around with it, as some would. He refers to a case from the USA that he knows about. I respect that, but for me it wouldnt be anything. But he already has certain feelings about his Real Doll. True love, I dont know, I cant answer that now. But it would hurt me if I had to sell it again sometime, Daniel explains. I can see that I think its great. And what would bother me would be the thought that another man was using them. Thats a funny feeling then. Daniel talks again about how careful he is with his Real Doll. Theres a bit of emotion there, Im happy when I walk past her and then say Hi, how are you or Its nice that youre there, even if I cant talk to you, I can at least hold you in my arms. Its not just about sex. I also tell her she smells good that she has a great scent. I just buy the original perfume. He also tells her that she has a beautiful charisma, or kisses her on the neck - emotional actions that go far beyond a purely sexual act. I am really grateful, also to the manufacturers, that they thought so much of the mens world, says Daniel. Im glad I have them. In the beginning he would have wanted to sell the doll again, but then he went back to Mitja Klee and took it back, Daniel says. I then told her that it was stupid that I gave her away and that I was so happy that I had her back. Although Klee has been working in the business for years and experiences many unusual situations with his customers, there are always experiences for him, too, for which he is not prepared, says the entrepreneur. For example, there had been a case where mother and daughter had ordered a male Real Doll together and wanted to share it. When the doll was delivered, he was expected with coffee and cake, with the request to unpack the doll right away and sit at the table. There are situations where it is difficult to stay serious, says Klee. He, too, sometimes finds it difficult to understand how much the dolls are humanized. For some people its really a complete substitute for a relationship, they love these real dolls. Also in science there is already a lot of work on the subject of sex robots, what advantages they can bring for people like Daniel, but also what risks and disadvantages are associated with it. Advocates believe that they will enable people who have not had sex before to have sex to live. The issue of the alternative to prostitution described by Daniel is also discussed by experts. Older or physically handicapped people could also benefit. In July of this year, a detailed study was published by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, which examines the opportunities and risks of smart sex dolls. The main warnings are against child sex robots or that the robots could be used to live out rape fantasies.

Increasing fucking doll acceptance in society

One hurdle that must be overcome in order to become an issue for the masses is the acceptance of sex robots. Sex dolls are still a taboo subject, which is why Daniel prefers not to reveal his identity. In his private and professional environment, most people dont know that he lives with a Real Doll. With me, only two people know that. When I pick up a new doll, its only in the evening. However, Daniel still exchanges his life situation - via internet forums. There are also platforms where photos are posted. I like to look at them because I get ideas on how people dress the Real Dolls, how they design their make-up. So I like to ask for some tips. The handling of the sex dolls naturally depends on the type. Its completely different how openly people live it out, some are very uptight, others have no problem at all with it, Klee reports about his customers. Some would be so afraid of being caught that they would only call him anonymously and only pay cash, Klee says. On the other hand, there are some who are so open about it, everyone knows. In general, the entrepreneur observes an increasing acceptance in society. However, this is rather not a question of age. There are also young people who have a problem with this issue, says Klee. In Germany, for example, this observation can be confirmed by studies. In Germany, every third German would be willing to have sex with robots. The businessman is convinced that acceptance will continue to rise. Klee believes that the media themeing of sex dolls and sex robots alone will remove certain hurdles. He does not fear any horror scenarios with the spread of robots. I think that this is simply the change of society, one develops further. Many other developments - Klee addresses performance pressure, beauty craze and the break-up of classic relationship models - would favour the topic and let the target group grow. I believe that there is a growing need for this. He cant even imagine a relationship with a robot, but reveals that he has already tried the Real Dolls. Scientists assume that acceptance will ultimately depend on how realistic the sex bots are. One possible scenario is that interpersonal interaction decreases because it is easier to interact with robots. For Daniel it is certain that he will stay with Real Dolls for the next time. I already made a down payment for another doll, he says. Thats one thats up to date.

First VR Porn Cams: